1月. 26 – Feb. 6, 2022
Tucson Winter Show - Annual Event
Tucson Expo Center

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September 1-4, 2022*
Tucson Fall Show
Tucson Expo Center

*Dates Subject to Change.

Why Attend the JOGS 宝石 & Jewelry Show?

在过去的56年里,途胜珠宝展一直是珠宝行业专业人士的首选目的地, 是世界各地行业相关商务买家的主要展会目的地之一.  During the show, 图森市变成了一个巨大的宝石市场, jewelry, and minerals.

 The JOGS Tucson Show, hosted by JOGS International Exhibits, 有限责任公司, 已发展成为规模最大、最受欢迎的珠宝首饰展之一 International and Domestic  Pavilions:

International and Domestic Pavilions

  • Amber Pavilion -顶级琥珀直接制造商和波兰设计师, Russia, Lithuania, 印度尼西亚和哥伦比亚有大量种类的琥珀宝石, 雕刻和天然的波罗的海琥珀珠子和设计师波罗的海琥珀珠宝设置在纯银和黄金
  • Southwest Pavilion -一些最著名的手工美洲土著珠宝风格各异, 西南/印度的艺术和工艺反映了数百年来不断改进的技术和邻近文化的影响
  • Top US Turquoise Pavilion – paradise for turquoise hunters. 主要的矿工和交易商完成纯银珠宝, cabochons, be广告 and rough from the world’s best turquoise mines. Bisbee turquoise, Kingman turquoise, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Nevada turquoise, New Mexico turquoise, Cripple Creek, Colorado, and extraordinary collection of Iranian turquoise
  • Indonesian Pavilion – gathered all silver manufacturers; direct manufacturers and designers of sterling silver and gold jewelry with semi-precious stones, shells, 木, pearls and corals, 来自巴厘岛和印尼各地的手工制品——最受欢迎的展馆
  • Nepal Group Pavilion -尼泊尔和西藏少数民族手工制作的珠宝、工艺品和礼品
  • International Designers Pavilion -来自世界各地的多元化潮流设计师呈现现代复杂的珠宝系列
  • Silver Pavilion 精选美国最大的银饰制造商和著名的珠宝设计师制作的纯银成品首饰, India, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Italy and other countries
  • 宝石stone  Pavilion -国际交易商带来了他们的宝石库存, precious and semi-precious from low to exceptional quality; rarest colored stones, cut stones, specimen, 出租车, rough, fossils and be广告 from Thailand, India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Columbia, Africa, Russia, Bolivia, and other countries
  • Stone/Mineral Decor Pavilion – finished gemstone products, rough materials for decor purposes: sculptures, luxury fountains, stone and petrified 木 furniture, onyx decorative home and kitchen decor, hand carved interior decorations from China, Madagascar, Brazil, Africa, and much more

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  • 产品、材料、颜色、形状、尺寸和设计的多样性
  • Dealers from  26 countries
  • New jewelry trends
  • 新的和著名的珠宝商,商人,矿工,宝石猎人
  • Healthy competition – best deals
  • Direct source purchases
  • Main business source for professional buyers
  • Newly discovered stones  
  • 与设计师、制造商、矿工、石匠或直接进口商建立新的联系
  • Complimentary shuttle transportation
  • Over 1000 free parking spaces
  • International food court
  • Business and shipping services for JOGS attendees

Amber Jewelry Pavilion at JOGS Tucson 宝石 & Jewelry Show 绿松石和西南珠宝馆在JOGS图森宝石 & Jewelry Show  巴厘岛银和印尼馆在JOGS图森宝石 & Jewelry Show Designer Jewelry Pavilion at JOGS Tucson 宝石 & Jewelry Show 宝石 Decor Pavilion at JOGS Tucson 宝石 & Jewelry Show International 宝石stone Pavilion at JOGS Tucson 宝石 & Jewelry Show Nepal and Tibet Pavilion at JOGS Tucson 宝石 & Jewelry Show 

The 宝石 show is always something to look forward to. Everything is so unique and beautiful. 每年都有很多可看的东西,而且每年都不一样.

– Sylvia M.

At the end of 1月uary, leaking into February, the largest gem, rock and mineral show in the world opens in Tucson.  It takes over the entire city, 很像吉普赛人的集会,它把这个高海拔的沙漠小镇变成了一个神奇的展览,每一种你能想到的石头(还有一些你从来没有想过).  对于摇滚爱好者来说,这是你一生中渴望至少一次的朝圣之旅.

For those of us with businesses in gems and jewelry, 如果你想看看地球周围的地下正在开采什么,这几乎是一个“必须去”的地方, and what very creative people are doing with them.  I have been on both ends of this experience, 买卖我认为其他人会觉得有吸引力和可行的东西.  My focus has been colored gems and stones (aquamarine, peridot, spinel, tourmaline, 黄玉, varieties of agate), 同时提供我去墨西哥和亚洲购物时找到的物品, both natural and antique.

置身于这些美丽的大自然中一周是一种美妙的快感, 并让它们的光芒渗透到产生新想法的思维空间.  和, 当不去探索汽车旅馆里大量的临时商店时, or campgrounds around town, 图森市本身就通过很棒的餐厅提供了很好的娱乐, parks, and hotels.  一开始我是一个人去的,几天后又匆匆赶回来, 但看到这个节目是如此的势不可挡,我开始带着我的家人来度假.  它已经成为我们最喜欢闲逛的地方,尤其是在冬季沉闷的时候.

– Gerald S.

You all need to see this for your self very nice place

– Donna Myers

Such a great time!! Best shopping

– Barabara Bacon

I love gems & jewellery and I love jogs Tucson show exhibition

– Shair Agha



Tucson, Arizona

图森的自然景观吸引了来自世界各地的游客来观赏其崎岖的野生动物, 宁静的仙人掌和壮观的户外冒险,包括骑马, hiking, art and golfing. 图森是一个探险家、冒险家和那些从自然中寻找灵感的人的地方.

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